Voodoo Street - What's it all about?


Our origins may be the Black Country, a land-locked place of concrete and brick built skylines, but home is in the shade of creepy woodland pines and we are often on the road, travelling the length and breadth of Britain, trading at numerous festivals throughout the year.  Look out for our distinctive VW T4 or seventies Rover V8 ("The Beast").


Our name and logo dervive from a combination of  Day of the Dead imagery, the spirit and soul food of New Orleans and a ghostly episode in our family  history, featuring a top hat.


Our inspirations are many and varied and influence everything we do.  From skating, steampunk and skulls to automobilia and junk shop exploration, we don't allow transient trends to dominate.  


Our T-shirts are made of high quality organic cotton and our decals are top quality waterproof vinyl.  We use local suppliers where possible and like to get our hands dirty on occasion (see our top hats).  The results are strong, timeless designs, promoting individuality, fun, durability and longevity.




Voodoo Street recommends that you wear our clothes until they are faded, have holes and a history.    We also appreciate that your ride represents you and aim for individual, superior designs for our range of decals.


Voodoo Street wishes you a spirited ride on this journey we call life!


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