Custom Design


Here at Voodoo Street, we are a one stop shop for design and creativity.  In addition to to our own range of self designed products, available from our online shop, did you know that we also offer graphic design and product photography services?


Custom Design Work

Gaz has years of experience in the design industry and whilst he is better known as "that Voodoo bloke," he has designed many commercial products (see the bird feeder, bathroom range and motorway light below) and can create visualisations for clients to help market a concept before it has been manufactured, thereby assessing economic viability.  These days, he is also often commissioned to design logos and custom artwork.  So, if you like our style, but can't see anything that quite fits the bill for you right now, please don't hesitate to drop us an email to discuss your requirements and get a quote, whether it be a set of bespoke stickers for your ride or some photo realistic images of your latest invention concept.


Gaz's Design/Visualisations Gallery


.We both have photography experience, although Claire has taken it to the next level (check out her website:  winterpeach.co.uk and follow her on Instagram - @winterpeachphotography).  Aside from landscapes, sunsets, people and pets, Claire  has built up a healthy portfolio of product photographs.  Feel free to browse the gallery of images below.  If you have something to sell and need some striking images showing off your products to their full potential, or for any other photo related enquiries, then get in touch.  We're friendly, but professional and will do our best to accommodate your requirements.


Photography Gallery