MASSIVE Stickers!


We've had a re-stock of some of our big stickers and some new ones!  From top centre:-
1.  Medium Rust Logo (Top Hat 'n' Bones) - 150 x 155mm
2.  May Contain Rust - 340mm x 165mm
3.  Logo Script (black and white) - 250mm x 100mm
4.  Large Rust Logo (Top Hat 'n' Bones) - 220mm x 230mm
5.  Voodoo Street Text  - 300mm x 90mm
6.  Logo Script (Oily distressed brown sticker) - 300mm x 120mm
7.  Logo in black and white (pictured centre) - 180mm x 190mm

All stickers individually priced - from £2.99 to £7.99 - Free UK post.