Rust Paint Kit, 500 ml tin, for a patina finish


Vooodoo Street's new unique rust paint formula.  Totally awesome!

Kit contains:  1 x 500 ml tin of paint, 1 x bottle of activator spray, 1 x wire brush and full instructions.

Does what it says on the tin!  Full instructions appear on the tin and in the help sheet supplied.

Originally developed by us to give skulls and film props a real rusty steel appearance, our paint can be applied to anything you want. The paint will form a protective layer over the surface beneath and will begin to rust after the activator has been applied.

Before anyone asks, this isn't just iron filings in paint ;-)

The authentic low VOC rusting paint finish achieved from this unique genuine metal rusting paint is shown in the main image.

Applied with a brush or roller and activated once dry,  it's simple and fun to use!

Will continue to rust for a time and can be lacquered over or waxed as soon as you have reached your desired effect.

Free sticker with every order!